Having been part of the original P11/P12 product transition team to P134a and 22, we have extensive knowledge in the pMDI product area, including formulations, componentry and production processes. Fillpack Ltd provided process and production equipment engineering expertise to ultimately manufacture ~250million units/annum. From Substrate Technology development and scale up (Canisters) to Valve Component Polymer Technology, Actuator Geometry Development and Industrialisation, into Final Commercialised Volume Production. End to End Turnkey Pilot Scale to Commercialised Capacity Expertise.

pMDI and DPI

Next Generation pMDI:

The pMDI business in general is under some pressure to transition from GWP based propellants.

We are actively working on the development and introduction of next generation propellants. Pilot scale and Low Volume production scale units will be introduced in 2022 for selected customers. Stringent safety protection and procedures are required for the flammable propellant alternatives. Careful Design Development procedures are adopted with failure mode protection throughout. cGMP practices are considered to ensure product quality requirements are embedded in the process solution. The new “Greener” solutions will be developed to full commercialisation over the coming months alongside strategic partners.

pMDI and DPI

DPI Unit, Multi Dose Unit and Intranasal Devices:

Both Multi Dose and Single Unit Devices. Reservoir and Strip Design. Intranasal Liquid and Dry Powder Devices. All manor of devices have been introduced and scaled up to commercialised production volume. In many cases using “Design for Manufacture” principles. Everything from 3rd party pilot tooling CMO development upto multi cavity tooling and assembly and technical management to final fill and packaging solution. Equipment and Tooling selection to meet demand driven capacity management.

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