About Us

Fillpack Ltd. was established in 1989 initially as a contract support house to the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout the 1990s Fillpack expanded providing innovative technical solutions and turnkey capacity supply for high profile products such as Multi Dose Dry Powder Inhalers (Diskus) and pMDI 134a formulation introduction.

During the new millennium, Fillpack not only completed several projects within the UK but decided to push boundaries by working across many continents such as Europe, North America and Asia. Fillpack has worked on several major projects for some of the market-leading blue-chip pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Why choose Us

With over 30 years working with pMDI projects Fillpack developed innovative technical solutions to improve Canister and Valve Closure systems, Improve Homogeneous Suspension delivery to the point of fill in the Canister, reducing rejects etc. CFD modelling was employed to further develop manufacturing system technology, reduce batch wastage, increase batch yield and system utilisation. Creating Best in Class cost, performance for volume batch to batch manufacture and reducing rejects and downtime.

This experience is passed onto our clients and customers to ensure best practice processes are utilised to ensure reliable, robust manufacturing performance is achieved.

Case Studies

In most cases, Moulding, Assembly, API Filling and Secondary Packaging

  • Dry Powder Inhaler Capacity introduction to North America (circa 30m units)
  • pMDI product capacity introduction to North America (circa 30m units)
  • pMDI product capacity introduction, Asia Pacific Region (circa 45m units)
  • pMDI component capacity development for worldwide market supply (circa 250m units/annum)
  • Pandemic capacity supply Europe and North America DPI, (circa 100m units)
  • Liquid Inhalation Device capacity introduction, Europe Region (circa 50m units)
  • Next generation propellant, API formulation development capacity and low volume introduction. Regulated Markets.
  • Complete new Inhaler Packaging Line 30m units/annum North America regulated Markets.
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